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Sep 15, 2022 - Jun 24, 2023

Life Changing Facilitation Pt. 1 (10 Month Cohort)

  • 283Days
  • 12Steps


How do we satisfy the need for belonging and fulfillment? How can we use our collective, creative potential to relieve suffering and promote wellbeing? In this transformative course, join Master Facilitators from the Empress Rules Collective as we share with you our transformational facilitation skills to become more mindful, self-aware, and to create workshops where we can be conscious and kind together. During our time together, we will explore: Two Day Kick Off (Included): Thursday, Sept 23, 2 and Friday, September 24, 2022, 9am – 2pm Day 1: Thursday, Nov 17, 9am – 12pm Who are you? How Diverse is Your Universe? Day 2: Thursday, Oct 20th, 9am – 12pm Mirror Activity What is transformation? Day 3: Thursday, Nov 17, 9am – 12pm “How Comfortable am I?” Shift Happens: The Conditions for Transformation Day 4: Thursday, Dec 15th, 9am – 12pm Speed Hating: A Date with Discrimination The Foundation for Experience Day 5: Thursday, January 19th, 9am – 12pm Getting Started – Respect Activity You Already Have Everything You Really Need to Live Fully Day 6: Thursday, Feb 16th, 9am – 12pm Multiple Disabilities Act Ripple Effects Day 7: Thursday, Mar 16th, 9am – 12pm Pro Blackness Finding My Voice Within the Group Day 8: Thursday, Apr 20th, 9am – 12pm Who Can You Love? The Responsibility Process Day 9: Thursday, Nov 17, 9am – 12pm Defining my purpose Designing Your Workshop Day 10: Thursday, Nov 17, 9am – 12pm Final Presentations, Certificates, and Celebration!

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