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Our values


Drastically increase the level of inclusion, especially in executive and management level positions for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). We must be owners, planners, and decision-makers in the systems that impact our lives.


We value fairness, the best foundation for unity among all people.

Building Relationships Across Difference

Build genuine, long-lasting relationships, connecting people across intersectional business, racial, ability, cultural and gender identity differences.

Dismantling Internalizations

We are committed to dismantling racialized internalizations and delusions of white superiority and BIPOC racial inferiority.


Support partners in exploring the language, historical context and root causes of their own personal biases, symptoms of anti-blackness/dehumanization and the understanding of the historical, current and organizational racial climate in which we live.


We must hold ourselves accountable to change.

Consciousness Raising & Self Reflection 

Facilitate connection and healing through community building, consciousness-raising activities, self-reflection, and accountability.


We value the ability of individuals and systems to change in ways that make racial justice possible. We recognize the importance of struggle in fueling transformation.

Professional Development

Provide professional development that fosters environments of inclusion and learning.

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